We represent a hotel owner’s interests throughout the entire life cycle of a hotel, including the planning, development, acquisition and disbursement, and operations. Our objective is to ensure that a hotel achieves its maximum potential and financial performance is optimized.

Different owners have different investment objectives and no two hotels are alike with differences in positioning, facilities, size, location and so forth. As a result, our approach is tailored to each owner and each hotel to address the specific issues at each property.

While customizing our approach, we employ a systematic, structured, comprehensive analysis of a hotel’s performance via data analysis, key performance indicators and industry benchmarks, which allows us to ascertain optimal performance of an asset.

Further, we believe the owner-operator relationship is vital to ensuring the asset is properly managed and to support the underlying value of the investment. As a result, we employ a collaborative and balanced approach with hotel operators to challenge areas of under-performance.


Apara Hotel Advisers (“Apara”) is a leading hotel asset management and advisory firm.

Apara provides structured hotel asset management and advisory services exclusively to hotel investors, owners and developers across the Asia/Pacific region.


The consolidated performance of hotels asset managed by apara has significantly improved since our involvement, both in terms of revenues as well as gross operating profits-ultimately leading to increased owner profit and enhanced asset value